Our Work

Apex Medical Research has a global presence from USA to Japan with major companies around the world. Companies include Abbott, Bayer, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, and Pfizer. Our work is extremely effective and important in discovering new, effective treatments for illnesses, slowing disease progressions, and improving the quality of life for patients.

How Do Clinical Trials Work

Why is Clinical Research Important

  • Discovering new and more effective treatments
    • Cure illness
    • Slow disease progression
    • Improve quality of life for patients.
  • Which therapies work and do not work
  • Medications need to be tested robust and diverse patient populations
  • Potential benefit to our patients
  • Societal benefit

What Do We Do?

The Course of a Clinical Trial

Areas of Expertise and Our Strengths

  • Established relationships with Sponsors and CROs.
  • Regulatory specialists focus on contracting and budget negotiation at the start of the trial and throughout the trial.
  • Implementing the protocol in compliance with the Sponsor, CROs, and FDA expectations and guidelines to deliver quality and timely data.
  • Trained recruitment specialists to meet and often exceed recruitment goals.
  • High Enrollers for Chicago Study, AASK,TREAT, Roche 360, FOURIER, LEADER,TANGO Studies,TIMI 58 and many more.
  • Brought on to enroll in study failing to meet their enrollment goals.
  • CRCs are trained in-house to comply with SOPs and GCP guidelines.
  • Internal monitoring and quality audits to offset the pitfalls of risk- based monitoring.
  • Research centered database.
  • Building partnerships with Sponsors, CROs, IRBs etc.
  • We specialize in approaching research in a financially viable way.